These are some of the publications we believe to be very helpful for understanding the nature of the danger we face, and real remedies.

The Triumph of Good
Divine Providence, the Cain-Abel Paradigm and the End of Marxism
By Thomas Cromwell
Description: A comprehensive look at Marxism and critical theories and how they are the nemesis of Divine Providence.

Intellectuals: From Marx and Tolstoy to Sartre and Chomsky
By Paul Johnson
Description: A brilliant study of some of the leading thinkers behind violent revolutions and totalitarian regimes.

Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender, and Identity
– and Why This Harms Everybody

By Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay
Description: Two liberal academics explain how critical theories are harming academia and the world.

Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America
BY Mary Grabar
Description: A great expose of Howard Zinn’s dishonest, Marxist book: A People’s History of the United States

The God that Failed
By Arthur Koestler, Andre Gide, Richard Wright, Ignazio Silone, Stephen Spender, Louis Fischer
Description: Some of the leading thinkers of the 20th century describe their initial enchantment with Communism and how their realization of the reality turned them into critics of Marxism-Leninism.

Manifesto of the Communist Party
By Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Description: The Communist “Bible”. The full text is included as an appendix in The Triumph of Good.

The Road to Serfdom
BY Friedrich Hayek
Description: A classic study of the nature and rise of socialism in the 20th Century.

The Romance of American Communism
BY Vivian Gornick
Description: Revelations about what attracted Americans to Communism and how they responded to Stalin’s fall.

American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character
By Diana West
Description: How Soviet agents influenced America during WWII and how this shaped the course of world history.

By Whittaker Chambers
Description: The brilliant personal account of a disillusioned Columbia student who in the 1920s embraced Communism and became a Soviet agent before realizing the evil of the Stalinist regime he was serving.