NAI principals are eager to speak with any group that is interested in understanding more about the dangers the Left pose to America and the world and how we can work together to reclaim America’s providential role. 

We are committed to working side by side with other groups that share our concerns and purpose, with three primary types of audience in mind:

Civil society groups of all types: Our messages help conscientious people understand the ideological conflicts and confusion we face in the world today. This understanding can catalyze action. 
Campus clubs or members of faculty: Our presentations provide a cogent moral framework to help students understand the forces of good and evil in the world around them, free from any sectarian bias. Young people need such a framework to avoid the deceptions of the Left and be able to contribute to a better world.
Religious Groups
Churches and other religious organizations carry a special responsibility to lead their members into a clear understanding of the dangers we face from atheistic ideologies, and the need to work together to defeat them. Our presentations on the role of Divine Providence (providential intent and purpose) can serve as a catalyst to mobilize interfaith action to save America and the world.

NAI Events


January 14
Gate City Pentecostal Church
With Turning Point Faith

February 23-26
CPAC, Orlando, FL
Book Promotion and Signing

March 1
Virginia Tech, 5.30pm
With Turning Point USA

March 2
Roanoke College, Roanoke, VA
With Turning Point USA

March 4
Spirit and Truth Worship Center, Big Stone Gap, VA, 7-9pm
With Turning Point Faith

March 25, 4:30-6:30pm
Loyola Marymount University, LA, California
With College Republicans

March 26, 10:00am-3:00pm
Balboa Room
Back Bay Conference Center
3415 Michelson Drive
Irving, California 92612
With The Settlement Project

March 27
Portland, OR
Private Meeting

April 3
Wilmington, Delaware
Private Meeting

April 4
Loyola University
Baltimore, Maryland
With Turning Point USA

April 5
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey
With Turning Point USA

April 6
Stony Brook University
Long Island, New York
With Turning Point USA

May 3
Patriots Club of America
Towson, MD

July 4
Freedom, Faith and Family Coalition
Virtual Presentation

September 28
Washington County Republican Club
Hagerstown, MD

October 3
West Virginia and Eastern Panhandle Center-Right Coalition
Virtual Meeting

October 20
Rumi Forum
Virtual Meeting

October 26
Private Meeting
Hagerstown, MD