An Abrahamic Alliance

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New America Initiative is building an alliance of righteous individuals and organizations to confront and defeat the forces of evil that are destroying our faith-based civilization at home, oppressing religious and ethnic minorities around the world, attacking innocent people through barbaric acts of terrorism, and unleashing armies of aggression to crush peace-loving neighboring countries.

A History of Good and Evil, Abel and Cain
NAI recognizes these destructive forces come from the same poisonous root, which first manifest in the resentful, jealous and murderous spirit of Cain when he beat his innocent brother Abel to death. Since that first fratricide, the destructive character of Cain has been the archetype of evil. What’s more, history shows that Cain-type ideas, individuals, groups and nations have long dominated the world, shedding blood and spreading misery and suffering wherever they appear.

In relatively recent times, for example, Cain-type nature was evident in the bloody French Revolution, which foreshadowed modern totalitarianism. The bitterly resentful and murderous character of Cain was then perfectly embodied in the conflict-based ideology of Marxism and, later, in Neo-Marxist Critical Theories. These ideas have spawned unprecedented terrorism and brutal revolutions leading to the creation of oppressive Socialist, Communist and Fascist regimes.

In today’s world, we are also witnessing the spread of another manifestation of Cain’s evil character and murderous behavior—the terrorism carried out in the name of religion, especially by Muslim groups such as ISIS and Hamas. Barbaric behavior motivated by resentment and hatred, whether motivated by atheistic or religious beliefs, has created an unholy alliance of evil forces that must be stopped if we are to save our civilization.

It is important to note that while Cain-type behavior has dominated world history, there has always been another, radically different, movement at work in human affairs. This is the virtuous behavior of those guided by the righteous, forgiving and selfless spirit of the Abel archetype, a character that takes responsibility for the realization of humanity’s original, good purpose. NAI believes this Abel-type work is guided by the invisible hand of Divine Providence, which bears good fruit through lives of service, love and self-sacrifice.

The victories of Cain have resulted in the creation of hellish environments that crush the human spirit and multiply evil, while the victories of Abel have advanced the Providence towards its ultimate goal: the creation of a world of enduring freedom and peace.

In history’s Abel column, there has been continuous enlightenment, in both religious and scientific arenas—especially in recent times through movements such as the Renaissance and Reformation. Also in this column there is the world-changing American Revolution that led to the establishment of a nation that looked to God for its rights and responsibilities, and became a beacon of freedom and hope for the world.

Because of the power of Cain, there has always been a high price to pay by Abel-type figures. For America, this price first came in the form of sacrifices made by the pilgrims who risked their lives to establish a new nation under God. Subsequent generations of America’s finest young men and women gave their lives to end slavery in the Civil War, to defeat Nazi fascism and Japanese imperialism in WWII, and to overcome Communism in the Cold War.

Abel Must Prevail Over Cain
NAI believes that the struggle between good and evil is the dominant factor in the human endeavor to achieve a world of goodness, justice, peace and happiness. The difficulty good faces in achieving a victory over evil is that all of us have inherited a nature that contains both altruistic and selfish elements. These conflicting natures produce both Abel-type impulses to love and serve others as well as Cain-type impulses to dominate and exploit others. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn put it: “The line between good and evil runs not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either—but right through every human heart.”

This inner Cain-Abel divide is manifest at all levels of human existence, from ideologies and systems of government to the relative evil or goodness of particular societies, groups and nations. 

The role of religion and other forces of enlightenment is to stimulate, educate and empower our Abel-type nature so that we can contribute to a good and peaceful world. Once enlightened, we become responsible to exercise our free will by choosing goodness and rejecting evil. In this way we support the Divine Providence and oppose the forces of the Anti-Providence.  

Peace Can Only be Achieved Once Evil is Thoroughly Defeated
History shows that evil must be thoroughly defeated for peace to prevail. Thus, for example, in the American Civil War the North had to win the total surrender of the South before slavery could be eliminated and the country reunited on a higher moral level. In another example, WWI did not result in the unconditional surrender of Germany and thus just 21 years later the Nazis resurrected militant German nationalism and started WWII. Only once the Allies had forced Hitler’s unconditional surrender and made sure Germany disbanded its military did the war in Europe come to an end. A similar process ended the war against Japan, and both Germany and Japan emerged from the war as thoroughly reformed countries.   

For good to prevail today, Abel-type ideologies and movements must decisively defeat their Cain-type antagonists. Thus Marxism and Postmodernism must be exposed for the evil they embody, and then completely excised from our schools, mass media, religious bodies and other institutions. Thus, too, terrorist groups must be eliminated and military aggressors defeated.

For far too long the civilized world has tolerated the shedding of innocent blood, whether perpetrated by terrorists and violent revolutionaries or by totalitarian regimes that persecute their own citizens and commit acts of aggression against their neighbors. Everyone of us must be liberated from such cruelty so that we can be free to pursue the truth and fulfill our human potential. 

Who Should Lead This Good Work?
It is enlightened Abels who are responsible for leading God’s providential work on earth. Thus the Abel-type individuals and forces that are found in every authentic religion should contribute to this work. Where are these people to be found? The Bible provides us with a detailed history of the central narrative of the Divine Providence, from the story of Cain and Abel to Noah and his family and then to the family of Abraham. At this point, the Providence expands from chosen individuals to chosen tribes and nations.

The importance of Abraham’s family in the Providence has been confirmed by history—the teachings that emerged from key figures in his family and their descendants have provided the foundations for our civilization, and today are followed (to varying degrees) by 4.5 billion people—over half the world’s 8 billion souls. Sixteen million Jews trace their physical and/or spiritual lineage from Abraham through Isaac (his second son) and Jacob (Isaac’s second son) through Jacob’s 12 sons—who became the 12 tribes of the chosen nation of Israel. Some 2.6 billion Christians trace their spiritual lineage to Jesus, a son of Israel, and some 1.9 billion Muslims trace their spiritual heritage to Mohammed, a prophet who rose from among the 12 tribes descended from the 12 sons of Ishmael, Abraham’s first son.

An Abrahamic Alliance
By sharing an ancestor whose family was central in the Providence, members of these three monotheistic faiths should be inspired to collaborate in a common, transcendent providential cause. They should work together in an Abrahamic Alliance to defeat evil.

Unfortunately, however, these religious siblings are all too often in conflict with one another over issues of theology, religious practice, power and possessions. Nevertheless, religions (like people) have both Cain and Abel features and factions, and it is therefore critical for their Abel-type members and organizations to come forward to work together for this shared purpose. Doing so demands a high standard of faith, based on an introspective and self-correcting humility before the Divine purpose.   

The role of NAI’s Abrahamic Alliance is to encourage Abel-type elements within Judaism, Christianity and Islam (as well as other faiths) to work together to counter and defeat the Cain-type forces of the world.

America’s Providential Mission
As mentioned above, America has an important role to play in the Providence, a role that the Founding Fathers recognized at the outset of their nation-building labors. Fulfilling this role has meant sacrifices, but also has resulted in abundant blessings—not only for Americans but for people around the world. NAI believes that the historical record demonstrates that these blessings have flowed to America and the world when America has been true to its providential mandate.

America is distinctive for the diversity of its people—both in their range of ethnicities and their religious beliefs. This ‘melting pot’ can serve as a foundation for an Abrahamic-led collaboration among Abel-type representatives of the various groups, demonstrating a model that can be a light to the world.    

NAI believes that the Divine Providence is calling all Abel-type people and groups to join in this work at this time, and invites all those interested to contact us to see how we might work together.  

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America was established with a providential purpose, a purpose the founders recognized in the Declaration of Independence.

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