Our Purpose

America was established with a providential purpose, a purpose the founders recognized in the Declaration of Independence:

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

It is our responsibility to recognize and fulfill that purpose today, as our founders did so fully and well in 1776 and the years following. Because of their commitment to transcendent principles, they were able to establish a nation of the people, for the people, by the people—as Abraham Lincoln would later put it. They understood that the rights of individuals are granted by God, not government, and are therefore sacrosanct. 

Concerned that the central role of Divine Providence in guiding America has been slipping away under a relentless assault by Marxist and Neo-Marxist ideologies and movements, and determined to dedicate their own energies and resources to reversing this trend and working towards reclaiming the providence for America, Thomas Cromwell, Victor Jessop and Trevor Loudon established the New America Initiative in 2021. (NAI is a 501c3 tax exempt organization.)

NAI is committed to helping America achieve its noble and providential mission by focusing attention on the importance of its founding purpose—not only for America but the whole world. This means NAI supports all those individuals and institutions that are engaged in the effort to advance the Divine Providence centered on America.

An Alliance for the Providence

The challenge we face is a deeply-entrenched network of ‘woke’ forces that have lied their way into the heart of America. They are destroying our schools and universities with so-called Critical Theories of race and gender, they are destroying the institutions that underpin our civilization, including faith and family, they are stifling truth through ‘Cancel Culture’ and they are influencing governments to make these destructive ideologies the basis for policy and the laws of the land.

Facing this onslaught are many patriots working diligently to counter the evils of the Left, from the damaging ideologies of cultural Marxism that are corroding our civilization from within, to the threats posed by an aggressive  Communist China and similar regimes in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and a post-Soviet Russia which under Vladimir Putin is returning to the predatory behavior of the USSR.      

The NAI seeks to catalyze an alliance of these patriotic endeavors against the forces of evil under the banner of reclaiming the providence for America. This is a time to bury petty differences in the name of renewing America’s commitment to its original purpose. United we can succeed; divided we will fail.  

A Challenge For Christianity

America’s founding was inspired by the Christian idealism of the pilgrims who first settled here and later by the great preachers of the Great Awakening, including John Wesley, George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards. Unfortunately, many churches in this country have been corrupted by Leftist ideology to the point where they support destructive movements, such as transgenderism and Critical Race Theory, which claim the mantle of virtue and Christian ideals. Unwittingly, they are contributing to the success of Marxism and its offshoots by embracing their atheistic ideologies.   

We should recognize that it is not good enough for Christians to seek a return to an idealized past. After all, it was in our Christian past that our civilization was infected by the cancer of Marxist ideologies that promised Utopia but delivered Hell.

Christians need to deepen their understanding of how Leftist ideologies are inimical to authentic Christian faith and how we can defeat them once and for all. Indeed Christians are being called to transcend their denominational divisions and collaborate to defeat the materialist threat posed by the Left, a threat that can destroy them all.

A Challenge For All Religions

All religions connect us to transcendent beliefs that value human beings as endowed with elements of divinity. As such, all people of faith belong on the same side of the ideological conflicts we are witnessing today. The challenge we face calls us to overcome our differences in belief to work together to defeat the ideological movements that threaten the very existence of all of us. 

The Power of Divine Providence

Divine Providence is the original purpose of our Creator working itself out over time, through history. As such, it precedes and transcends all divisions of race, ethnicity and religion and, by the same token, embraces people of all races, nationalities and faiths. It necessarily also embraces people from all walks of life: the farmer and the businessman, the nurse and the teacher, the preacher and the scientist.

Thus Divine Providence is the most powerful force for unifying all people of faith and good will in an alliance to defeat evil and liberate those suffering under its oppressive power.

George Washington Crosses the Delaware